11-09-22: i joined the afternoon tea club

11-01-22: halloween page updated

10-07-22: lots of little things and a community shrine

09-29-22: added yum yum shoppe and sticker sheet club to the toybox and adopted

09-12-22: birthday and halloween pages added

08-07-22: web gardens page created, hopefully it inspires you to make your own!

07-14-22: new pixels and few more links added :]

06-27-22: new layout on the main page, and photo page added

06-13-22: arts & crafts page added, links updated

06-07-22: sanrio pixels in the toybox

05-27-22: created a separate page for my adopted pixels

05-22-22: slight changes here and there, added a lot of links to other sites! :]

05-11-22: san-x nyankoland pixels added in the toybox!

04-28-22: christian robinson pixels added to the toybox, kao-ani page created, and artists page updated

04-20-22: sayclub and netmarble pages added

04-15-22: garden page created, and graphics section updated

04-12-22: this page was created lol

04-08-22: new header, changed some of the layouts a bit, added more to the graphics section, and added music to every page!

04-06-22: shrines and animal crossing sections added

04-04-22: added totoro pixels to the toybox!

03-28-22: toybox added, with pixels for you to adopt too!

03-26-22: lots of pages added and updated in the graphics section

03-19-22: new pages and a new navigation for the main page

03-16-22: created a cartoons page with some of my favorite shorts

03-15-22: added a graphics page, more to come soon

03-10-22: site created, i'm learning html as i go!