✼ A R T W O R K ✼

these are pixels i made for 32bit cafe's 2023 halloween event :]

this is a pixel i made for yesterweb's 2022 trick or treat event

i haven't dressed up every year but these were a few that stick out

black cat - princess jasmine - pink power ranger - angelica from rugrats - bubbles from powerpuff girls - stephanie from lazytown - spinelli from recess - lydia from beetlejuice - betty boop - helga pataki from hey arnold! - ickis from aaahh real monsters - korilakkuma kigurumi

i was a toy story alien & my kids were woody & buzz

they were a raccoon & bunny

they were a dragon & three eyed monster

last year i was grover, husband was big bird, & kids were cookie monster and elmo

this year the kids will be mario and luigi, husband is yoshi, and i'll be donkey kong :]