Welcome to my Hey Arnold! Shrine

i loved hey arnold so much as a kid.

i really loved the music. check out: this playlist

the background art is just gorgeous.

the characters were so weird, flawed, and human-like.

the episodes dealt with heavy subjects and problems.

but ultimately they always had a hopeful message.

it's definitely worth a watch if you haven't seen it.

very cool early arnold stuff

Craig Bartlett shot Arnold on a glass panel in his living room and produced three claymation shorts:

Arnold Escapes From Church (1988)

The Arnold Waltz (1990)

Arnold Rides His Chair (1991)

comic strips also appeared in Simpsons Illustrated magazine from 1991 to 1993:

then finally a pilot was made, and the rest was history :]

Hey Arnold Animatic

pixel adoptions

(these all link to the creators deviantart pages)

Cowlicks like fields of yellow corn.

All the days of the week, I write the name I dare not speak.

The boy with the cornflower hair, my beloved, and my despair.

here are some ancient hey arnold websites i used to frequent as a kid

the curly shrine! john's hey arnold site

the images above are from:

thanks 4 visting!