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Antique Toys

Most original Betty Boop pieces from the 1930s were made by small enterprises in Japan for the US popular market. No records were kept of these unauthorized pieces, which were low-cost items often sold through catalogue companies such as Montgomery Ward or Sears.

The Cameo wooden jointed dolls, created by Joseph Kallus.


an amazingly in depth website by toy designer and collector Mel Birnkrant

Bisque or chalkware were sold as carnival prizes or sold for pennies with candy attached to them. Many items were the result of the innovative approach taken by Japanese manufacturers in the 1930s. You can click here to read more about Betty in Japan.

my modest personal collection: a 1980s salt shaker, several 1930s bisques, and a wooden locker tag from the 30s that i found at a flea market in japan.